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By Kathryn Gray, Public Policy Specialist - Disability Network/Lakeshore, Lakeshore Friends of Transit

Complete Streets advocates hit another milestone last night!

I am excited to announce that the City of Holland unanimously passed a Complete Streets Resolution at their regular City Council session last night.  The City of Holland is the second in the Disability Network/Lakeshore’s service area (Allegan + Ottawa counties) to have passed a Complete Streets resolution – the City of Allegan passed their resolution in December of last year.

The City of Holland is one of the local units of government that Disability Network/Lakeshore has been working closely with since the May 2010 Complete Streets Panel Event and the November 2010 Livable Communities Event to develop a Complete Streets Policy. Phil Meyer, Director of Community & Neighborhood Services, Jodi Syens, Director of Transportation Services, and Brian White, City Engineer were all very committed to the process including holding several study sessions in designing the resolution.

City of Holland was eager to pass the policy based on the fact that they already implement many of the concepts of Complete Streets within their planning processes. This policy only supports their current processes and ensures that all users are being considered when designing or reconstructing the City’s transportation network.

“The City has been aggressive about examining complete streets issues in all of its street construction, reconstruction, sidewalk improvement, and bike facility efforts as a matter of normal course of doing business. These issues, often involving participation of neighborhood residents, businesses, and other property owners, are well-considered in the context of the specific conditions of a particular project, as well as in the context of the larger City-wide (and beyond) network” said Phil Meyer, Director of Community & Neighborhood Services.  “The most recent example of a positive process and end result was the reconstruction of 40th  Street. Also, this past summer, the City participated with the Lakeshore Disability Network in their three-part program looking at livability issues in the community, with a heavy focus on “complete streets” issues. The Network is a very strong advocate for the adoption of complete streets policies across the region, as are a number of other organizations.”

The passage of this resolution moves the count up to 39 for Michigan approved complete streets resolutions or ordinances (that we are aware of). The City of Holland is the third for West Michigan, after the City of Allegan (12/10) and the City of Grand Rapids (3/11).

Congratulations to the City of Holland and West Michigan complete streets supporters!

9:30 – 11:30 am
Holland City Hall,
270 River Avenue, Holland

Please join a lively presentation and discussion concerning how we can make Downtown Holland more welcoming to bicycle riders of all ages and levels of expertise and how the bicycle can become the travel mode of choice for more folks coming Downtown and the interface with other ways of moving about.

Leading our discussion will be Dan Burden, Director of Walkable and Livable Communities, Port Townsend, WA.  This discussion is being sponsored by the Holland Downtown Development Authority and the City’s Department of Community and Neighborhood Services.  Questions can be directed to Phil Meyer, Department Director, at 616-355-1363 or [email protected]

Dan Burden is an internationally recognized authority on bicycle and pedestrian facilities and programs, livability, sustainability and Smart Growth. He brings together many disciplines and issues – street design, traffic calming, living streets, public safety, bicycling, and greenways – into a holistic vision for creating healthy, livable, sustainable and prosperous communities. Mr. Burden is founder and Executive Director of Walkable and Livable Communities, Inc.  He has worked in over 2,700 cities and towns across the country, including the City of Holland.


The Charter Township of Delta is pleased to announce that Delta Township was chosen as a host community for a Walking Audit with Dan Burden along with two presentations of the findings of that walk. Dan Burden is the nation’s most recognized authority on walkable communities, bicycle & pedestrian programs, street corridor & intersection design, traffic flow & calming, road diets, and other planning elements that affect roadway environments. Dan is also sought after by the health community, promoting neighborhoods, villages, and cities that are designed for more active, interactive, and healthy living. Dan has 38 years of experience in developing, promoting and evaluating alternative transportation facilities, traffic calming practices and sustainable community design. To learn more about Dan and walkable communities please refer to these web sites: and The walk and presentations will be held Wednesday August 25,2010. We will meet and prepare for the walk in Room A of the Delta Township Administration building. The walk will begin at 10:30 a.m. and continue until about 12:30 p.m. Arrangements have been made for an EATRAN bus to facilitate movement from one location of the walk to another to maximize our time with Mr. Burden. Following the walk Mr. Burden will seek seclusion while he prepares a presentation based on the findings of our walk. The first presentation is scheduled for 3:00 p.m. Another presentation will be given at 6:30 p.m. Both presentations will be in the Waverly Middle School Auditorium at the corner of Snow Road and St. Joe Hwy.

NOTE: Dan Burden will also be in Douglas, MI on August 21 and Holland, MI on November 9.

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